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Me, tooI don’t understand the thinking of businesses placing an ad for help, yet refusing to include their names; i.e., blind ads. A person looking for a job, legitimately, would not answer a blind ad without knowing who it is or what kind of business it is. Why are such businesses afraid of identifying themselves. Oh yeah, withhold my name, too, please. Really! BarkingTo everyone out there that finds it imperative to bring their dogs to the spring concerts on Bridge Street, Vail: It’s great if you’re a big fan of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, but I’m pretty sure that the black Lab next to you that can hear a stick crack 200 yards away could care less. His hearing is his keenest sense, and here you are, his great owner, destroying your dog’s number one asset. Don’t forget about the rest of the crowd, moving in unison to the beat, trying not to step on your defenseless animal that you have tied to a leash held captive for your musical enjoyment. Leave the pooch at home, or go to the park. Maybe you two can run off your winter fat.Too muchAccording to a recent article on Crossroads, Vail is not Beaver Creek and Beaver Creek is not Vail, and this looks like the Beaver Creek skating rink/slash whatever building it is over there. This thing is disgusting. It’s monstrous. It just does not fit in with our scheme. I signed a petition because I’ve lived here for 38 years, and this thing is a piece of crap. Furthermore, the skating rink, what a great idea, I guess. We have a skating rink. It’s not going to get passed, so that’s good.Save bookstore!I am a resident of Vail as well as Colorado Springs, and I feel this Verbatim Bookshop is the best in town. It is the only one in town. It’s better than anything we have in Colorado Springs and I feel it should be saved. Absolutely, 100 percent saved. It makes Vail a much better place.A skepticWhy are you wasting valuable paper space with this vision of Vail with the tunnel for I-70. If these four Vail homeowners want a tunnel so bad, maybe they could assess themselves a special fee to bury the interstate.Or better yet, maybe they could talk to George Bush and he’ll take some money from reconstructing levies in New Orleans so we could spend it more wisely on burying an interstate tunnel through Vail.Vail, Colorado

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