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Mad at bus driver!I’d like to call in a complaint about the ECO system bus ride. It was the 10:06 bus on April 18 when I saw a guy get kicked off because he thought he put in $2 into the thing, and he had a girl right behind him that was about to put in enough money for the both of them, and he made him get off the bus and run to the next stop and then roll by him. …No mag?It’s April 19 about 7:30 in the morning. I just wanted to make sure that all the DOT drivers that put this ugly mag chloride down on the roads still have a job, because today there was a nasty accident just west of Edwards. There wasn’t one plow truck to be seen, and I crossed over seven bridges on I-70, not one of them had mag chloride on it. I don’t know if the police departments sleeping, or DOT is sleeping, but way to keep an eye on the roads, boys.Not buying itThis is a tip regarding the opposition to the Solaris project. In the paper April 19, Andy Wiessner says that “you ought to get a little more consensus in the community than we do on this” – that being a 4-3 vote. But if the 4-3 vote was against this project, would Andy Wiessner be saying the same thing? I think not.Reading wrong paperThe Monday, April 17, Denver Post headline on the front page said, “Readiness key to avian flu.” Within the article it continues to say the communities are going to have to have their own plans. It will be up to local businesses, schools, churches and law enforcement agencies to help control the spread of the disease, should it hit our community. My question is, what is our community doing? I think that it is important that we become more aware of this. If the Denver Post can make it their big headline on their front page, I think it certainly should be addressed in the Vail Daily and community resources should respond to my question. Thank you.Editor’s note: The Daily’s lead story Nov. 13, 2005, was on this subject. The paper has reported periodically on the subject since, including March 26 “County officials work on ‘pandemic’ plans.”For SolarisAs a 26-year resident of Vail, I am all for building Solaris, no matter what the height of the building is. Been to Whistler/Blackcomb lately, folks? Check out the resorts that we trade the No. 1spot in Ski Magazine with. I also was appalled by an old-time local sticking a petition in my face to sign. There are seven people in my family all voting for Crossroads if it goes to a vote.Right onBravo, Diana Donovan, on her article outlining the Crossroads proposal. Finally, a factual presentation of what this developer is actually proposing. A developer’s No. 1 concern is not building a town, but making a profit. Vail, Colorado

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