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Get it done alreadyThis is in regards to Crossroads. Let’s face it, there’s going to be huge hotels all around. Who’s even going to notice it’s 99 feet tall? … In 10 years all this stuff is going to be outdated anyway. The number of people coming here, you’re going to have to rebuild everything. The whole village is going to have to be torn down eventually. Look what’s going on with the Holiday Inn, Roost Lodge, Crossroads, the B.P., another hotel down there. I mean, just get it done. Get that eyesore out of there and get rid of the rest of the old buildings that are 40 years too old.Hotel WorldIn honor of Vail’s renaissance the new era and the renovation of the obsolete buildings, maybe we should think about changing the name. Should it be Vail City, Lost Vail, or Hotel Vail? It needs a new name now, this is Hotel World now, isn’t it? Why this one?It is amazing that all of the young people in Vail want Crossroads to happen and they will be the ones who will be able to enjoy it, but the old people who won’t be around that long are putting up such a fuss. However, they’re not saying anything about all the other tall buildings, so let’s let Crossroads happen.Snowmelt deadlineI was up in the Bachelor Gulch area. I’m a heating and air conditioning tech. I noticed that most of the homes up there, the snowmelt systems actually were firing up in the morning. So here’s the thing. I think that with Earth Day …, maybe we could declare that the drop-dead date for snowmelt system operation, and any of us heating and air conditioning guys would be happy to help out with designing some type of a user-friendly shutdown. By the way, we’ve been doing service work and we’ve caught a lot of small things that could save a lot of unnecessary heating on the inside of the homes, also. So happy Earth Day to everybody. Just askingI wonder how much opposition there would be to Crossroads if Vail Resorts or East West Partners were building it and Slifer, Smith & Frampton were selling it. …Here we go again… ‘Tis the season. I am so sick of bikers on Highway 6. People try to pass when there are bikers on the road. Somebody’s going to be killed, either the biker or two cars hitting head on, because people don’t know when to pass when these bikers ride two and three deep and make it dangerous for the people trying to drive around them. I would say we should get the bikers off Highway 6 or put an additional biker lane on the highway, or make them ride up on the interstate.Vail, Colorado

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