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Love itWhoever the rock climbers are that put up a new flag about halfway through Glenwood Canyon, you guys are awesome. I love that flag.Not a gaperI’m glad to finally see somebody respond to the gaper comments, because after having been on the hill for 100 days and slung chair 5 close to 200,000 times this year. All I have to say is that if you can ski and you can load a chair, than you’re not a gaper. …Getting alongI’ve been coming to Vail for about 20 years and I’m pretty disillusioned by this whole Crossroads thing. Come on, guys. When are we going to get along?Support VerbatimThis is Jill. I just came from Verbatim Booksellers in Vail and I learned that the store may be closing as soon as June. I’m so depressed to see that happen, not only because it’s one of only two bookstores in the valley, but also because the owner Robert is such a good guy. I first met him at a community meeting to help those displaced by Hurricane Katrina, and I’m urging this community to support this store in any way you can. Verbatim is right in the construction zone, which really has hurt business. I bought many books as gifts, which I intend to send to my book-loving friends for no reason at all except to suggest they sell a small donation to Verbatim Booksellers.Got it rightI’d just like to say on behalf of the many friends and family members of Shirley Bowers, we would all like to recognize and thank Vail Resorts for making possible such a beautiful memorial service at the top of the gondola. Thanks, Vail Resorts. You get this one right.Clean upThis is to the people who ride their horses down Second Street in Gypsum. Please come back and pick up your horse doodie.Tailgating killsWhat kills 45,000 people a year? Everybody does it. The police condone it. It’s tailgating and driving like idiots, you bunch of idiots. Guess what? You or your family could be next. Why does this need to go on? I just saw another deadly accident, and nobody seems to be able to figure out why.Vail, Colorado

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