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No funI have gone to the “last chair” party at PHQ in Vail on and off for around 30 years, and I just wanted to say, this year’s party was an awesome end to an awesome season. It was a beautiful day, with great snow right to the end. However, I wish somebody would get rid of the idiots throwing snowballs like a bunch of 10-year-olds up there. It puts a damper on everyone’s day when they have to constantly be looking out for a snowball coming at the side of their head. I think the perpetrators should be asked to leave the party, and escorted down the mountain. Come on, people, we’re all supposed to be adults here. Let’s act like it.The stuffI just wanted to give props to the person who bought the bean dip to the Golden Peak potluck on Sunday. It was really awesome. Thanks a lot.Trade youI just wanted you to ask those people with the barking St. Bernard’s if they’d like to trade those St. Bernard’s for three barking poodles in West Vail. I’d sure be happy to make the swap. …Vail, Colorado

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