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No snowI’d like to comment on the Tipsline of April 22 regarding “No mag.” People, you are always complaining about the CDOT workers, and they can only do so much. It was 7:30 in the morning exactly when that accident happened. And there was no sign of snow, so they didn’t know to be out there. So quit complaining. …Tax this wayAll this talk about the illegal immigrants in the valley pretty much centers around the fact that they (allegedly) don’t pay their fair share of taxes or whatever. My suggestion is that we push our government officials towards the value added tax. This would eliminate income tax for all people, maybe not businesses, but individuals, and would probably be about 7 percent tax added to everything you buy, and no income tax. That way the really rich get taxed, the middle section of the people get taxed, and the under current, the immigrants, anybody coming into our country, also get taxed. …Rubber roadThere’s been a lot of talk lately about either tunneling I-70 or burying it through the valley. One thing that I haven’t heard talked about lately is rubberizing the road, putting a rubberized asphalt or surface on the road. They’ve done this in Phoenix. It eliminates 80-plus percent of the noise from the road. … Vail, Colorado

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