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Give him a cellI was just thinking that maybe to make the police dummy in the cop car look more realistic, it should maybe be holding a cell phone. Bicycling adviceI do not know road biking etiquette because I am not a road biker. However, I do have common sense, and I think most people do as well. Do not ride your road bikes in the middle of the highway or ride with partners four deep in the lane. Holding a grudgeWhy should I pay for Greater Eagle Fire Protection District to build a fire station in Wolcott? Greater Eagle Fire Protection District fought Eagle River Fire Protection District last year for the area north of Wolcott. Now they can’t cover that area without a ridiculously high mill levy increase, the highest of any fire district in the county. Vote “no” on Greater Eagle Fire Protection District’s mill levy increase May 2.Single file, pleaseHello to my fellow cyclists. I have a huge favor to ask all of you. Please, as a fellow cyclist, please ride single file and please don’t ride in the middle of the opposing lane. I do not want to suffer the consequences of someone running me off the road because of the inconsideration and naivete of other riders. So please, please, don’t put my life at risk, and ride single file. Wild numbersI was just curious as to where in the article about the Glenwood Canyon bike trail it says that 1.5 million people use it each summer. You guys should probably check your reporting numbers a little bit. If we have a seven month summer season on the bike path, 210 days, that’s still over 7,000 people a day averaging use on the bike path. I don’t think you’d be able to move if there was ever 7,000 people on the bike path a day, let alone ups and downs, there’d be less mid-week. I mean you’re going to have 20,000 people on the bike path on the weekend? I don’t think so. Just curious where that number came from. OK, OKI’m calling in response to the guy on Chair 4, who has flung the chair 200,000 times and skied 100 days this year. If you have to claim that you’re not a gaper, you are a gaper.Doesn’t like officerThere is always a police officer parked out at the Avon Elementary School. He’s supposed to enforce the traffic laws there. There’s a big sign as you come out of the parking lot saying “no left turn,” and people make that left turn and hold up traffic right in front of him every day. … If you’re going to be useless, why don’t you go over to C-Mart and grab yourself a doughnut in the morning and sit there, or else make some money for the town and hand out tickets for people making illegal turns. … At least Officer Wineman when he was there, even though he was removed from the school, had the parking area and traffic moving smoothly and enforced laws. …Vail, Colorado

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