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Kaye Ferry and Diana Donovan need to stop complaining they did not get their way. We’re going to have a conference center. The voting is done, and it makes sense to locate it at the Hub site. It is the only central location available in town. The Holy Cross site will only benefit the Vail Resort properties. Just don’t add ice skating rinks, performing arts centers, day-cares and all the rest of the wish list and we can make the Hub site work. It’s what’s best for Vail.

What a joker

Hey locals, looking for affordable housing? I hear the garages up at Beaver Creek are an excellent place, and the rent is affordable.

A critic

I just finished reading Kaye Ferry, “Sharing the rec load.” She needs to get a grip and get a clue.

The basics

This is a message for Tipsline. I’m going to title it “Cry somewhere else” to the parents who complain that our schools don’t provide enough Spanish for English-speaking students. The law requires teaching English, but no law in Colorado requires extra Spanish.

I’m a parent of children with language processing disabilities, and I have been told by school staff for years that schools do not provide a Cadillac of education. We get what’s available, and we cannot require methodology, and if we want more, we seek it privately and we pay for it. So to all those whining parents, if you really want your child to get more Spanish, go fund it yourself. That’s what other parents do to get enough of just the basics. I pay $55 an hour for tutors, and I have done so for many years. Do your part as a parent if you want extras. Public schools’ obligation is to provide the basic needs of every student, and extras are extra. Where are all of you when schools need help with basic needs? We need to support our school’s goal to obtain an 80 percent CSAP proficiency as a main priority, and the CSAP is in English. If you don’t like it, change the law, or get out your own checkbook, because that’s what other parents have done for years.

A good story

I’m glancing out my window with a cup of coffee wondering who they are. Two women I have given the name Snow Women. I have seen them during the winter months every morning walking around Nottingham Lake. Talking, laughing and bundled up. Now that spring has spring, they’re back, having shed their heavy clothes and pounds. I’ve seen them walking, talking and laughing. They must be good friends or on a mission to be this dedicated to walk in the rain, snow or sunshine. Now I call them my Spring Chicks. I thought in these times of rushing and rudeness we could use a good story. I would really like to know who these two women are.

“Bowling’ for a clue

I don’t know who this Kate Church is, but she clearly is uninformed and has no business saying that she’ll “keep America honest” when she actually recommends seeing “Bowling for Columbine”! That “documentary” is chock full of inaccuracies, contradictions and outright lies from Michael Moore, who is borderline communist.

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