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Doesn’t understandI am a natural-born citizen of the United States of America, specifically Colorado. My mother is a natural-born citizen, but my father was born in Europe and proudly became a U.S. citizen in the 1950s. Why is it then that the immigration problems that we’re having today only seems to focus on the illegals coming from the south? … Why is it that people are choosing to come into our country illegally? Many of the friends I have that came to this country on legal terms seem to be very happy with their decision and would never have chosen otherwise. I am so proud to celebrate the Fourth of July as our Independence Day from Great Britain, but why is there Cinco de Mayo? Why are people advocating a second holiday on Monday to focus on the goals of promoting illegal aliens in our ever forgiving and overburden country? If these people really cared about the U.S., they would go through the legal channels to become a U.S. citizen, learn to speak English, our main tongue, and learn to sing the “Star Bangled Banner” in English, as our forefathers intended, not as some over-exposed British jerk chose to exploit our anthem. All I’m saying is I welcome anyone into the USA, as long as they do it in legal terms and pay taxes. Oh, surprise! To support our country like all U.S. citizens are obligated to do. I’m tired of paying for everyone else, because I don’t make a lot of money. OK, so?I completely agree with Kaye Ferry’s column on being a year-round resort and when she said, “if we want to be a year-round resort, we have to start acting like a year-round resort.” Something that has to be done, but nobody seems to know how to do it. Which is why I can’t comprehend how the president of the Vail Chamber and Business Association would oppose a conference center that would bring business in year-round.Such a fussSure, Vail is a real nice place, and probably the best place to ski, but this thing going on with Crossroads right now is the epitome of the problem with this community. If people cannot figure out where their future is going, and they’re going to make these childish little protests about development, when there’s hotels going up everywhere. It’s just ridiculous. Nothing can ever get done because of the haves and the have-nots, and the future and the past, letting everything conflict here over stupid little rules and regulations. Progress and the future are what’s very important here. …Vail, Colorado

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