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Simple to meThis immigration issue really irritates me that we’re spending so much time and effort on it. If you enter the country illegally, you cannot work. If you enter the country legally and you’re not a citizen, you get a tourist visa. It’s pretty plain. Same with Europe. I’m from Europe, and I’m a resident alien here, legally. If you enter Europe, you cannot work, you get a six-month visa. It’s plain and simple, so why the fuss? If you’re illegal, out of the country.Hey deadbeatsThis is for all the deadbeat fathers and mothers out there. If you are regretting your right that you gave back or your irresponsible ways of being a mother or father, live with it and leave the child alone. It’s bad enough what you did, so be responsible and get on with your live. Thank you, a Grandmother.Why virtual?I was just curious. I’ve been hearing a lot about this Internet dating around the Vail Valley, and I’m just wondering, when did people give up and have to resort to that? Do they still not have game anymore or are they just giving up all hope?Gas upThis is in response to the Tipsline thanking George Bush. The only ones who should be thanking George Bush are the oil companies.Vail, Colorado

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