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Attacking bossIt’s just amazing to me how the county of Eagle can allow an employee of the Assessor’s Office to to write letters without some kind of personnel action. I just don’t understand why a person in an office that is so upset and doesn’t appreciate having a job for Eagle County doesn’t leave if they are so unhappy with the whole thing that’s going on. It’s amazing to me why someone should allow their employees to continue to badger and attack their boss.BacklashMay 1, today was heavenly. No massive amounts of cars to deal with, meaning no extra road repair costs and cops to pay for if it just stayed that way, a third fewer students in our schools. It was quiet, happy content focused students only, and that saved Eagle County taxpayers at least $500 today in free-lunch programs, plus the kitchen help and janitor wages, less work, fewer hours, and saved us those Head Start and free all-day kindergarten fees too. Please, oh please can’t we Americans convince all illegals and offspring of them to do this 24/7 – 365 days a week? We would save SO MUCH MONEY, time and energy. I will clean toilets and bag my own groceries. I have done that many times in life, and I am an educated lawful adult! McCain is offering any legal American $50 an hour to pick lettuce in Arizona. I applied, along with several thousand others.Vail, Colorado

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