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Full disclosureWith regard to Karen Guzik’s comment about Eagle County School District, Karen, it should be noted, tutors kids in the district for money. Children who are pulled out of schools by their parents to do private tutoring, so she does profit from finding fault with the district, and I wish she had mentioned that in her letter. Not that her complaints are all completely wrong, but it’s important to know somebody’s motivation when writing a letter and that she earns a living when schools don’t do well and students come to her for help, so that’s important to state when writing a letter to the editor complaining about something. Give ’em a brakeI have news for you people that complain about CDOT and changing the lights. CDOT does not change our street lights. It is contracted out to an independent contractor who changes the lights. CDOT doesn’t, so get off their back.Well, he was worseA letter recently pointed out that Donald Rumsfeld has been attacked by six generals, and that’s out of 4,700, and that these generals were hand-picked by the Democrats just to create chaos and to help win an election without much concern for our country. I’d also like to point out that on 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld helped to carry stretchers of injured to helicopters waiting to take victims to the hospital. He did this with the Pentagon in flames and crumbling around him, and he’s a 70-year-old man. Compare this to Ted Kennedy, who as a vigorous young man used his energy to swim up out of a car where he left a woman to drown, went to hide under his parents’ cover while they worked out a deal with the D.A. so that he wasn’t arrested for murder or drunk driving, and let people decide what political party has the most character or concern. Waiting on answerI’m responding to “Attacking boss” … I actually admire that employee for putting their name with what they had written, and I think they had some valid points. It was written factually and objectively, and I think that Joyce Mack owes the voters a response. Has she gotten her license as she promised that she would? … It’s an election year, and I think that those hard-working employees want to work for a boss that they respect and that they think serves the voters the best.Lots of fans, tooDon Rogers, how much longer are you going to keep exposing us to Matt Zalaznick’s spewing of dissatisfaction and hate and negativism of our valley, the country, Bush, everything about where he’s living is obviously getting him upset, and his last, “I’ll never turn into a Republican”? Enough of this liberal vs. conservatism, who’s better, Democrat or Republican. When you are so naive that you paint Saddam Hussein as not a real terrorist but an inflated boogeyman who is only doing a little local chest thumping while churning out romance novels, I’m sure all those thousands of people that were taken from their homes and executed by nerve gas, which is a weapon of mass destruction, was used on entire villages and killed all those people, men, women and children. If that’s just a little chest thumping, and churning out romance novels, I can’t believe this guy. It’s really getting to be a pain to live in a great place, a beautiful valley, and each week you’ve got to give this guy all this copy so he can spew out all this dissatisfaction. The best thing about his column is when he wonders if his child will grow up not only liberal, but Canadian, as if Canada is not a real conservative country. I’ve lived in Canada, so good luck, man. I just think that maybe this guy didn’t have enough love in the family or in school, because he always has this kind of attitude. It’s just crazy.Two big issuesThis is for the people around the lake in Avon with the two beautiful matching puppies. One, put them on a leash. And two, when they crap around the volleyball court, pick it up.Vail, Colorado

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