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The bestI’d like to make this short and sweet: Brooke Steigerhold, she is the best massage therapist in the Vail Valley, hands down. I’d just like everyone to know that.VaroomGuys with Dooley pickups and loud pickups, what business do you have cranking them up at 6:30 and waking up everybody in our condo complex in East Vail? It is the epitome of rudeness, and I just wish you guys would think about buying a Honda Accord or maybe a Toyota Camry. …Running looseI live up in Morning Star near the cancer center, and I’d just like to say that whoever owns the bloodhound, it’s very annoying. The dog constantly barks and is running all over the place. I just wish the owner would take a little bit more responsibility for the dog.Common refrainAs songwriter Tim Schmidt says, you’ve got the wrong number on this one. Bush, you suck.Take care of ownI hate to say this, but we need to be more like China and forget the rest of the world, worry about our own country, worry about our own people, be hard on immigration, make sure our own people have jobs, this thing with the Latino vote and the Republicans. Close the border. We have enough immigrants from all over. …So thereMatt Zalaznick, who in today’s column says that he would not want to be a Republican. Well, I just want to let him know the Republican Party does not need or want him in our party, so I just wish we had a more conservative newspaper writer. …Vail, Colorado

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