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I just wanted to make a comment in regards to bicyclers in Eagle County and the start of a busy summer season. I was driving through the Bluffs subdivision yesterday, I saw three bikers breaking laws. Three stop signs were rolled through by three separate bikers, speeding through the subdivision, which is residential and has a school in the middle of it, probably going downhill about 40 mph. When I made a gesture towards one of them as he blew through the stop sign, he flipped me off like I was in the wrong. Just want to make a point that for every biker out there complaining about automobile (jerks), there’s also the biker that has perhaps the wrong attitude with what’s going on, so the rules are for bikers and autos. Let’s all follow it and everyone will be safe and happy. Have a great summer.What speed limit?I guess the reason there are speed limits is somebody needed something to do, so the legislature put them in effect. I can tell you, cuz I live in Eagle and travel to Avon quite a bit, there doesn’t seem to be a speed limit. There doesn’t seem to be regard for pedestrians in roundabouts. There seems to be more regard for people talking on their cell phone and going 7 miles to go to work and not taking the time to care for the pedestrian. I think it’s time the Town of Eagle, the county, the Town of Avon starts enforcing their traffic laws instead of looking the other way believing their speed limits are being obeyed, because they’re not, and I think somebody needs to call this to someone’s attention. Thanks.Special favors?This is in response to Hugo Benson’s letter. He’s running for county commissioner. I don’t think it’s right that somebody who owns 35 acres in a subdivision should try to get special permission from the government to build eight or nine houses on a piece of property that was designed for one, and when he doesn’t get his way he wants to keep everybody out by building a big berm. If Hugo Benson thinks they should be getting special privileges from the government to exploit their neighborhoods, then he won’t be getting my vote.River bluesWhat a shame that the town of Avon and East West Resorts didn’t do anything about river access this year for us. The rafting season only lasts, if we’re lucky, six weeks out of the year, and we won’t be able to use that ‘put-in’ we’ve used for 20 years in the Town of Avon because of construction going on, and they probably won’t even be doing any construction down there in six weeks, and we could easily use it. It’s a shame the Town of Avon didn’t do anything for us either. There’s only one other option we could use, and that is if Vail Resorts opens up their hearts and their gate on the river down across from the east lot for a mere six weeks is all we need. Please, somebody help us, and all rafters should boycott the Town of Avon.Helpful stripesThis is from Gary. I want to say thanks to the county, the city, the state, whoever painted the stripes all the way from Avon to Edwards and now I know where I’m going. The good grocerHey, I would just like to give a shout out to the store manager of the Eagle City Market. On Monday I locked my keys in my car and he was kind enough to give me a ride back to work before I figured out what to do. So thank you very much.Gothic butterfliesAfter reading Monday’s paper, I just have to comment on the reporting about the butterfly release. How anyone can turn something about wonder and magical creation into a gothic tale of horror is beyond me, but she did it. Did we really need to hear all the gory details?

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