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I’d just like to first thank the caller who called in about the Ginn development in North Carolina. I just went to that Web site and looked at the article, and man, it looks pretty familiar, folks. I think we really need to look at this and look hard, and people need to realize that we can’t go back once we go forward with this. The other thing I’d like to say is I’d like for people who’ve been here long enough to have seen a few winters come and go is to think about the snowpack and the water, how they’re going to do that ski resort up there. They’re going to have to have snowmaking. Where’s the water going to come from? Do they have the water rights and on top of that, I’d like for people to just stop and think about the area around it. Are we doing it just with a development such as this and are we really looking towards the future? My prediction is due to the proximity of this property to Vail, Blue Sky Basin, anyone who’s been here very long may remember the controversy of the Turkey Creek development, 6,000 some acres that was sold and V.A. had a hand in it and once they were told they couldn’t develop that and build on that as part of their resort, they kind of backed out. Ginn will start this, he will not get the development completed, but he will get it far enough done that it will be a very attractive for V.A. to step in as the gods of the valley and save this poor person, then they will take it over, and the development they were told they couldn’t do, will happen. Mark my words, down the road V.A. will end up with this piece of property with all these homes, and a new ski area on private land with which they can do whatever they want. Mark my words, it’s coming.

Hey, let’s make it mandatory that everybody in this country learn the English language instead of all these different languages.

My name is Sandy Brendan and I’m just calling to say how wonderful I thought the Vail Valley Dance Academy’s recital was earlier this month. It was just absolutely fantastic. Through the whole performance, all the dancers, these great kids from our valley, they all danced their hearts out. Dawn Moore’s beginning dance class danced to “When I Fall in Love” and watching my niece, Lauren Reed, dance with her friends is a moment I will never forget. I just wanted to say thank you to all who made this happen. It was a great evening.

I would just like someone to please remove the elk carcass off the side of the road between East Vail and Vail. Not only has it been there for three or four days, someone re-hit it last night and what was once intact is now a slaughter. It’s nasty.

This is an addition to the Tipsline on Tuesday about Wildridge residents who leave their trash cans outside during the bear season. A mother and two cubs are also about and went after our empty bird feeder. We are no longer putting our bird feeders out, luckily they were empty, but now is a good time for everyone to be aware of their bird feeders. Please take them down.

I thought the Town of Eagle had a leash law, but I see dogs just running around town free all the time. If the town council and the town trustees thought it important enough to enact a leash law, they should at least enforce it, and if they’re not going to enforce it, they should just take it off the books, because nobody pays attention to it anyway.Vail, Colorado

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