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The Eagle County School District has posted job openings on their Web site for 97 teaching positions and 50 support staff positions. This turnover doesn’t reflect the teacher and principal loss throughout this past year. I look forward to the school district’s explanation and their tap dance around the real reason for this massive loss of employees.

Good morning. I’m reading in Tipsline once again about bicycles and cars not obeying traffic signals, not doing anything right, speeding down the mountain. … I feel that maybe we as America should invest more into bio-technology and facial recognition cameras, as used in Las Vegas, Nevada. We as America can stop all the lawbreakers by putting facial recognition cameras by all street lights, stop signs and all areas of the world, including your car. If we continue to do this and put it into a master computer, we as a whole in America can catch the lawbreakers. We as America have the technology to do this and it can be done. We just need to have the ticket, go into a master computer with the facial recognition saying you broke this law, and you need to spit out automatically a ticket or a fine per violation. Get the picture? …

I was calling about an article about a put-in in Avon for the rafters. You stated in there that we could still put in at the pumphouse even though there’s no parking there that’s on the south side of the river across from the old put-in and then park over at the east parking lot of Beaver Creek. I tried to do that yesterday and I couldn’t because even though we could put in at that spot where the pumphouse is even though there’s a gate there, we couldn’t park in the east lot because there’s gates there, and we don’t have a pass or a code to get in. So we had absolutely no place to park that we could find, so I just wanted to clarify that from your article.

Stop printing the ignorant comments of Peter Buckley. Even after four years on the Avon Town Council, he still does not understand finance, legislative process or good management. Today he was quoted making totally inaccurate comments about the real estate transfer tax, buses and Wildridge. The transfer tax can only be used for capital projects and never for equipment and vehicles. Wildridge has been getting park improvements, road improvements, and now two years of adding new pedestrian paths. Avon Town staff and the council are the best ever and the best in the valley. Buckley accomplished absolutely nothing during his four-year term in office. Go Avon!

This is in regards to the Vail housing crisis. Everybody always keeps saying make the commercial pay for the housing. Why don’t we go after the real big employers? The No. 1 industry in this county is construction, yet no construction company has ever put up any type of employee housing. … Vail, Colorado

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