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AmenThis is Angela Beck in Red Cliff. I say Amen to Pam Schultz’s letter in the Vail Daily Monday, June 5.Their homeA pet bear is a dead bear. I had just gotten through with a beautiful morning run and came across several Divison of Wildlife officers, Vail Police and two hunting dogs. Their job for the morning was to take down the mother bear, kill it, and capture her two 4-month old cubs. Why? Because the bear has gotten aggressive. Why? According to the DOW officials, somebody has been feeding these bears. Why else would they be that comfortable with humans in their homes? We must learn to live with the wildlife that surrounds us. The message is simple. A pet bear is a dead bear. Keep your trash indoors, remove your bird feeders, take down humming bird feeders, buy an air horn to scare the bears away, and remember. We moved into their backyard. Now we need to learn to live with them.Vail, Colorado

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