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Thanks a lotI just want to say thanks to CDOT for painting the highway lines on Battle Mountain at 5 o’clock. It’s extremely brilliant.Site’s too small …Here’s another, and I think the best solution, for the surface crossings causing so much concern in Avon: The Town Council must just advise East West Partners that since we’re giving them $2 million to $3 million for a gondola, they, East West Partners, must at their expense put in three below grade or underpass crossings – two for the Riverfront Village and one at West Beaver Creek Boulevard. God knows they can afford it. This should make Union Pacific happy. It should make the residents of Avon happy. It should also make Minturn happy because then perhaps Union Pacific would not park 500 railroad cars in the Minturn yard or along the town of Avon-bordered tracks. This solution would be much cheaper if done now instead of later, should the trains ever again start to run on this section of their tracks. No respect The Avon Town Council should declare Pete Buckley a public nuisance. More, more!Here’s a tip to all the employers. Hey employers, pay your employees decent wage. It’s easy and it’s the right thing to do.Bring it onHere’s a tip for everybody that got about half the story about the taxi company being shut out at the airport. First off, they can ban drivers from Vail Valley Taxi all they want out of the airport. They still can’t enforce it, and I’m looking forward to them getting an injunction in order to enforce this so-called ban so we can actually hear their story, which is about abuse of government, abuse of power. This is absolutely more of a story than my drivers standing inside the terminal. What a crock. This is Dan Booz, Vail Valley Taxi, 476-TAXI. Why don’t you speak up, county? Let’s hear your story. I’d love for you to tell it.Dusty extensionCan we do a dust and smog alert for Eagle and Gypsum please? You can barely breathe because it’s so dusty down here from the airport (work) and cars.There they go againThe Vail Daily has stooped to a new level. Talk about invading somebody’s privacy in their hour of grief. This picture on the front page is pathetic.Vail, Colorado

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