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Wave your wandRiver’s drying up, snow pack is melting, ocean’s polluted, everything else. Does “Soylent Green,” the movie, ring a bell when there’s no ozone left? Back then in that movie, they turned dead people into food, but we’d better change our ways or it doesn’t matter what we teach our kids. Nobody’s going to be around anyway. Get with the program, government, please. Stop the pollution, stop the building, whatever it takes. We’ve got enough people. Bavarian enough?I’m calling regarding Monday’s edition of the Vail Daily. Congratulations Mark Gordon on your commentary, and congratulations Gilda Kaplan on your letter to the editor. Ms. Kaplan, you’re insulting the Mayflower descendants by comparing this old guard in Vail to them. Everybody, vote for Crossroads. It’s a disgrace to keep it the way it is, but maybe the old guard wants it that way and that will be Bavarian enough for them.Why the label?I was just curious as to why you find it necessary to state in the article about the teenage girl from Edwards who passed away in the car accident that all the teens in the car were Hispanic. Just don’t understand why it needs to be said.Editor’s note: It seemed relevant, although if it was a car full of white girls, it’s unlikely we would have noted the ethnicity. DisrespectfulFriday’s front page photo of a grieving mother over her baby’s casket was most disrespectful to the grieving family. How could you?Editor’s note: Again, the Daily was invited by the family to photograph the service.Oh so bigBefore we vote on the Crossroads redevelopment, the Town of Vail Planning and Zoning Commission and the Vail Town Council should be held accountable and explain why the tower for the new Vail Plaza Hotel was allowed to be so big. The hotel seems to fit in fine in its surroundings, but the tower is totally unnecessary in its height. Before we approve Crossroads, everyone should think that Crossroads will be as high as the Vail Plaza Tower along the entire stretch of the Frontage Rd. where Crossroads now exists. Please vote NO on Crossroads … .Editor’s note: This is a false statement. The Vail Plaza tower will be taller than Crossroads’ high points, and higher still than the roofline.

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