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Oh, stop whiningThis is Frank Doll in Avon. A message for all of you folks who are so jealous and envious of Harry Frampton and East West Partners. Why is all of this? What have they done to you? You can always advertise your grievance by signing your name to your problem. Otherwise, just be quiet and continue using all of the things they’ve provided for the people who live here and the visitors who are willing to pay for it.Start a businessHere’s a tip for all the employees: If you want to be paid better wages, why not become an employer? Start a business on your own and then you can pay people what you think they’re worth. Stick your neck out there, put your money on the line, put your time and effort into something, and then you can see how hard it is to run a business.Welcome to …I think we should be named the Chicago of the Rockies since we’re following the same two seasons that Chicago, Ill., has: winter and construction. This was the Masked Man.AbsolutelyI loved Kaye Ferry’s column today about Vail being held hostage by a small group of people who are living in the past. You keep on it, Kaye. We want to hear the facts and keep it in front of the public so that people can vote with knowledge to move into the future.Vail, Colorado

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