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Up with changeIt’s Matt from Vail just calling about your “Vail Renaissance is too high, critics say.” Well who are these critics? The old people who don’t like the change? You tell me. Change is necessary in order to make this town flourish and the economy start to boom. So let the Crossroads construction begin.E-voting stories?Why are there no stories in the Vail Daily regarding electronic voting? There’s a huge controversy in the United States about electronic voting and security around those issues, and our county clerk just spent over $350,000 on a new voting system that’s all electronic voting. Why aren’t you guys reporting on that?Editor’s note: A story on Eagle County’s new electronic voting machines appeared in our May 16 issue. You can read it on by clicking on archives and typing in “electronic voting” under the “news” category. More stories on the machines will likely be forthcoming as the elections approach.Locals onlyI’m calling about the letter from Edward Brown of Melbourne, Florida title “Which party.” We would ask Edward Brown to keep his liberal bashing to Florida if he’s not a resident of the local area. Again, please keep his comments to Florida and liberal bash down there.Ford flub?Hello Rob Ford. About your article on Thursday. By the way didn’t you know that Crossroads is having 330 new parking spaces? You get your act together, and yes, vote for Crossroads.Fresh air for kidsIn regards to the Vail Daily article on kids and obesity, I think we need to look at our schools nowadays and how much recreation the kids are getting daily. Every year schools are taking more and more recess time away from students during the day. I think parents need to ask principals how much time the kids get outside every day to get some exercise and fresh air. We are losing that valuable time in our schools every year.Thanks fer nuthin’There was a broken down car on Chambers Ave. and at 4:30 on Thursday and an Eagle County sheriff’s deputy drove right by him without assisting. There was no police there to help him out. He completely lost his tire, it came all the way off his car and the Eagle County Sheriff drove right by him without assisting at all. Amazing to me. Does Eagle County know that the town of Eagle is part of their jurisdiction?Speed it upA friend of mine and I were just discussing how much fun it is to drive down Highway 6 every day in front of Arrowhead and through Edwards and we’re just wondering: Is there some reason why the police can’t start monitoring that area and pulling people over who are going 35? Last time we checked the speed limit was 55. We work outside the home and we have to drive up and down those roads and when people don’t follow the speed limit and they go slow it just ruins the day for everybody.Targeting locals?Why is it that you only see local people pulled over for traffic violations on Highway 6 and I-70. You never see any tourists that are driving 80-90 mph. I guess they’d rather pick on the locals in stead of hitting the tourists. Tourists get away with all kinds of crap.

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