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Nice workI want to say kudos to Mr. Zalaznick and Miller for a wonderful, wonderful editorial that really hit the nail on the head. But it should only hit the heads of our administration, that got us into a useless war with their fuzzy thinking, and when they did get us into the war, did it all the wrong way, with inefficiency and stupidity. Thanks again for that wonderful editorial. Who’s wrong? Kaye Ferry and Don Rogers of the Vail Daily seem to be taking up as much space in our local newspaper to ram Crossroads down our throats as they did with the Vail convention center. They were wrong then, and they’re wrong now. Please vote NO on July 11 and let’s get a Crossroads that fits into our neighborhood.Editor’s note: Kaye Ferry opposed the conference center in the November election, and the Vail Daily supported the center.Smelly rodeoMy topic is bad choice, Avon. I’m talking about where they’re putting the rodeo. Don’t they think it’s going to smell? Just like they used to complain about the sewer? … I think they could have found somewhere else to put it, not right in the center of where all the stores are. I think it’s really going to stink. I’d rather have the train come through than the rodeo where it’s at.Vail, Colorado

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