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Useful hippies?I think the Forest Service should pay the Rainbow people to remove pine beetles and dig timber from the national forest.Suing’s no answerMy name is Pamela and I am writing in regards to an article in the Daily about a young girl that had gotten killed in a vehicle accident. I’m not being cold-hearted to the parents of this child and the other parents of the children who were involved in this accident who had stated in the article that they were going to sue. My question to these parents: Who are you going to sue and why would you sue? In today’s world, it seems like the answer to everything for everyone is suing one another. My thoughts on this is every day on the news you see where children are getting killed in vehicles, whether it’s drunken driving or just driving recklessly. As a parent I feel that we ought to be knowing where our children are, what they’re doing and not allowing our children to get into vehicles with other kids, especially when there are that many children riding in one vehicle and a young teenager is driving. There are many reasons for what could have happened in this accident. Ask your child. With children, you don’t know if they’re telling the truth. But come on, parents. You need to start taking control of your child and responsibility of your children’s well-being. Sit down and talk to them and take the time to let them know you love them. Even sometimes you’re going to have to make decisions that they’re not going to approve of, but you’re doing it for their own good. Stop trying to sue everybody in the world to make things better for you. You need to take responsibility for your children. Once again, my condolences to the parents and the family of the young girl who lost her life in this accident. My prayers are with you.Matt, our heroMatt Zalaznick, thank you so, so much. I have been under the total wrong impression for 60 years that all those soldiers, firefighters, policemen, ambulance drivers were heroes. I didn’t realize that the true heroes were the journalists. My goodness. What a shocker. All the guys my father served with in World War II, my wife’s father served with Korea, all my buddies that I served with in Vietnam, all the fine young men and women serving in Iraq, and all of those people that gave their lives in those buildings, the firefighters and policemen and emergency workers. I thought those people were heroes. I didn’t realize how much courage it took to grab your pen and notebook, write some notes, get on your keyboard and once a week spew hatred and disappointment in your situation, the valley, Vail, its people, the country. Man, what a hero, Matt. You’re my man. Don Rogers, thank you so much for exposing us to this fine young man, this hero. It really sets up our day in the valley. Actually, Matt, you’re so good at what you do you actually make that Cacioppo guy look good.Vail, Colorado

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