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Enough foot-draggingConcerning the ambulance station in Avon, it’s about time the foot dragging of the Avon Council has come into the open. Avon’s public safety needs are being jeopardized by the personal agenda of several council members. Central valley residents need to know this. Let’s get the paramedics where they need to be, while the land is being offered free from Traer Creek.Cowardly journalistsIn Matt Zalaznick’s liberal rant, they decry the nobility of a young man or a woman taking up on and perhaps dying to protect our freedom. A debatable point, perhaps, but then they would have us believe that journalists are the true heroes. This is clearly a feeble attempt to justify the cowardly profession they chose. A classic case of hero envy.Kind to crittersThanks for the article on a better knowledge of bears. I think the more information you can get out to the Vail public the more they can learn to live with the animals that are a part of our environment. This reminds me of that guy who didn’t want any deer or foxes in the neighborhood, but the more that we can get knowledge and ways to live with these animals, we’ve invaded their territory, so let’s be nice to them.Fill ‘er upI’m calling about the incorrect statement on the front page of the Vail Daily on Sunday. The drivers across the U.S. are buying less premium gasoline. That’s B.S. Our motorcycles run on premium only. Our snowmobiles run on premium only. I ride 2,000-3,000 miles a winter on snowmobiles and about 20,000 a year on the motorcycles, and there’s a lot of us here in the valley that ride motorcycles. We get 50 mph to the gallon plus, but we have to run premium because these are high compression motors. So that’s not true, and anybody knows if you run premium in your car or truck it goes over the passes a lot better. There is a difference.Thanks, Ms. Lebo!I would like to thank Mary Ann Lebo for her summer program. She does a summer program for the fifth-grade students going into sixth grade. Her program is free. This year was a really fun program because we were studying Eagle County. She takes us on free field trips. The first field trip was to the Eagle museum. Then we had some studying classes. After that we hiked to the top of the Dotsero volcano, where we went to fossil ridge. After that we had a few more studying classes and then the last field trip was to the Glenwood Springs Fairy Caves. I hope Ms. Lebo keeps doing the awesome summer program that she has been doing. Thank you very much, Ms. Lebo. Christie.Vail, Colorado

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