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Yeah, yeahThis is in reference to the commentary “Why I oppose Crossroads,” by Andy whatever: Everybody’s got their opinion. It doesn’t seem to make sense to take up a half page to give us yours. Feel free to go to the polls.Maybe real AC/DC?Whoa. The rock and roll concert that Peter Knobel is using to lure young voters to approve his project should send a huge caution flag out to the community. Does having so much money make him feel omnipotent? What’s next on his agenda?Run image againThis is a tip for your paper. Run that image with the Crossroads and the other buildings again. Maybe do it a little bit bigger so everybody can get a really good look at it.Those youngsters …Shame on you, Peter Knobel, for trying to get the young adults of Vail to vote in the upcoming Crossroads election. According to a current and a former town councilman, they are clearly too dumb and uninformed to know what they’re doing. Why they might even think that a six-screen movie theater, a bowling alley and an ice rink are good for Vail. We all better watch out, because they might take over someday. Seriously, though, as a long-time, middle-aged Vail resident, thumbs up to you for inviting our young residents to be active participants in the political process.Stop it now… I strongly urge people to vote NO on Peter Knobel’s desire to develop Crossroads. I think the redevelopment is a good idea, but I think the size, the mass, the bulk is too much. To argue that there are other buildings that he is no bigger than goes contrary to what I learned as a child that two wrongs do not make a right. Do not approve Knobel’s proposed development of Crossroads as it is.We need a breakVote no on Crossroads. Give we locals a break for once from all the construction. Can you imagine a summer without backup beepers echoing throughout the valley or without the sound of bulldozers and backhoes echoing throughout the valley? I mean give us a break. Can you imagine a summer without construction? It’d be amazing. Vote NO on Crossroads.Blocking views… These huge new buildings are blocking our views and changing the character of our town. The other night I dined at Montauk. Any view of Vail Mountain is now gone, blocked by Arabelle, and the same goes for Billy’s. What sort of experience will Vail residents and visitors have when the skyline becomes buildings instead of mountains? …Kiss of death?I see in the paper the Vail Valley Chamber and Tourism Bureau decided to back Crossroads. I feel sorry for the guy building Crossroads, because they’ve been wrong in everything they’ve backed over the last five years.One correction… I just wanted to correct Mr. Ruark in stating that pit bulls were originally bred to fight other dogs. … Pit bulls were originally bred in Europe for an event for bull baiting, where pit bulls were actually used to catch bulls. A bull would be tied in a position and owners of these dogs would see which dog could grab the bull by the ear or by the nose and pull them to the ground. It was a sport in Europe. They were never bred to be man-aggressive or dog-aggressive, and it’s our society and wrong owners that have made these dogs this way. I am a pit bull owner for 30 years. … They’re the greatest dogs ever, and it’s not the dog, as they say, it’s the owner. Great article. I was asked to be a part of it. I denied being interviewed due to the fact that I’m a pretty well recognized local and I’m in fear of Eagle County imposing this law to ban pit bulls and then they’ll come after my dog, which would be completely wrong. Great article, just wanted to correct you on saying they were bred to fight dogs, because they’re not. Vail, Colorado

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