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Great valueI am tired of these narrow-minded naysayers. The Crossroads will be a great value to Vail Village, and if the merchants and restaurants don’t see that, they are short-sighted. What will attract tourists to Vail Village if there’s nothing to do there? The balance is going to shift to Lionshead, or Arrabelle’s-head, whatever you want to call it, and the village will be known as the old town. So, revise your vision, folks, and vote for the Crossroads, a shot in the arm for the village.Right for Vail todayKaye Ferry said it all with: “It is the right project, it’s the right time, and it’s the right place, and it will bring the right results to this community.” Vote yes for Crossroads. As a resident in the Vail Valley for almost 30 years, my only regret is that I live downvalley and cannot vote. Vote YES.Fair is still fairThis is in response to the “Start a business” tip in Tipsline. Not everyone has the ways and means to start their own business. It is up to those who own their own businesses to be legitimate and to be ethical and pay their employees what they’re worth. And to those who think they don’t have to do that, they will soon not be in business in the Vail Valley, because there are many people who are willing to do that.Vail, Colorado

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