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Scenic routeHere’s a tip for all those people complaining about people that drive slow on Highway 6 in front of Arrowhead. Last time I went through there and checked I didn’t see a sign that had a posted minimum speed limit. So if there’s no posted minimum speed limit, there’s not much the cops can do about anything. If people want to drive 35 mph through there, that’s their prerogative. Everybody else who doesn’t like it, maybe they need to leave for work a little earlier or try and get home a little earlier.Police issueI was wondering, now that the bears have been killed in West Vail thanks to people not taking care of their trash, when is the Vail Town Council going to respond with some type of a decent regulation or whatever they do to prevent this from happening again? It’s ridiculous that they claim to be an environmentally sensitive mountain town and they don’t have a decent bear ordinance. Also it’ll be interesting to see in one of your reporter’s stories just how many tickets Vail Police Department has written on this and how many warnings they’ve done. Hopefully, this will at least do something and get people to change their actions or get the town to at least take the proper action to prevent this from happening again.Fished outHere’s a tip for all the guides out there. If they want to keep the Eagle River fishing well, they need to put some sort of regulation on how many boats can go down the river and how man guides can occupy all the public space, because the fish count has gone down about 50 percent in this river in the last two years, and if you sit out there you see about 30 guide boats coming down every single day with no regulations or nothing. That’s my tip, and I hope you take it to heart.Vail’s bear killersI made a call this morning at 9 a.m. to the Colorado Wildlife Division in Glenwood Springs to ask about the mother bear and to see if she had been euthanized. Well, Colorado Wildlife Division, you do not waste any time. The answer was yes. How sad is that? I’m just furious about what has happened here with the bear. Why couldn’t we have found another answer? Why couldn’t we have relocated her 500 miles away, or 5,000 miles away, whatever it took? If it had to do with money, I know there are people in Vail that would be willing to help with that. Listen up, Vail. Put your garbage away so the bears are not tempted. We have to start living with the bears, not killing them. How many bears is it going to take before we start doing this?Not the capital!Today marks the second time I’ve seen in the Vail Daily the country of Colombia misspelled. There is no “U.” It’s Colombia.Vail, Colorado

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