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No, no, no – sighRecently I took my parents to see a concert at the Ford Amphitheater in Vail. We happened to have lawn chairs and blankets. They told us we could not go into the park to watch the concert with our lawn chairs or blankets. Please read the sign. As we read the sign, we found out you could not bring in any recordable audio-video devices, you could not bring in lawn chairs, you could not bring in blankets, you could not bring in open containers, no alcoholic beverages, no cameras. What kind of fun is a concert if you can’t bring in your own stuff and memories? We did it to the Indians in the past by taking their pictures when they said no, but today we’re finding out that it’s OK when someone says no we believe it. But the lawn chairs and the blankets, that’s incredible.Not a work day?I’m confused. I thought the holiday was the Fourth of July, not the 3rd of July. I’m trying to reach the town of Avon, a town that I reside in and pay tax dollars to, to be able to access services in regards to community issues, and nobody’s answering the phone. I can’t get a hold of anybody in any department. This is very strange. I wonder if the taxpayers of Avon realize that they’re basically squandering money on a whole entire day for their trusted people to be off doing whatever they feel like doing. The town of Vail is open for business, the banks are open, the post office is open. It’s not some strange new legal holiday that I wasn’t aware of. Sorry, but I’m a little confused. Town of Avon, where are you?Yard annexation?I’m not sure why the town of Avon is fighting Union Pacific for the use of the train’s own property. The question I have for the town is the land on Eaglebend Drive between the fence line and the railroad tracks itself, who actually owns that? Several property owners have already moved their fence line back 8-10 feet and added that property into their own. Others have semi-permanent structures on the land right by the railroad tracks while the others are using it for their own personal landfill. If it actually is the property owners, that’s great. Otherwise, it either belongs to the town of Avon or it belongs to the train company, and wouldn’t you consider that stealing? …Great bandThe band Vanilla Pop rocked Checkpoint Charlie in Vail for the Fourth of July events, and I just wanted to call and say that band was really a great band, they put it together well, the people in the streets were enjoying it. … great job!Vail, Colorado

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