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I’m concerned

I was just calling in response to your Quick Takes on the economy and people are not concerned about crime. I don’t know, maybe it was just me, but there were 30 some cars in my garage that got broken into in a building in the heart of Avon. It’s been going on for a long time and I wish parents would watch their kids, because it’s all kids under 18. That’s all I have to say.

Airport turnover

What is really happening at Eagle airport? The current manager, Mark Davidson, has left. His assistant has also left, as did the previous two managers at the airport. Something wrong over there, right? … Something’s really wrong in Eagle. We’d better pay attention, and I think the problem is Mr. Stone. … Why is this airport constantly changing managers? Four or five in the last three years. … My question is, if the airport manager and the assistant manager is gone, who’s running the airport?

Hate those comics

How about a little more fairness on the editorial cartoon side in your newspaper. I find it disturbing that every single editorial cartoon that your newspaper runs always blasts Bush or his policies. Sunday or Monday of last week you even ran the same cartoon twice, a cartoon which mocked inspectors looking for chemical and biological weapons. I thought newspapers were supposed to present both sides of the political debate, or at least a semblance of fairness. I know there are cartoonists you could run who would show the other side, like maybe during the war you could have had a cartoon that would have even mocked Saddam instead of always our side. It’s always the same old thing from you, I’m very disappointed. It’s unfair, it’s really boring, too.


I think Kate Church, a trendy liberal with an agenda, got exactly what she wanted. A strong reaction from a bunch of uptights mired in the Vail Valley, but that’s besides the point. The problem is, Kate lives for Mantra and the likes of The New York Times, and we all know how credible they are. She should really research print media from both sides of the political spectrum to get a true perspective of the world we live in. But then she, like many Dems, is easily seduced by the charm and charisma of left-sided politicians, e.g. Bill Clinton. This is called the art of persuasion. So rattling the valley cage is fine, but I find it spineless to do so and leave town.

It’s how they talk

Please check your tips for proper diction and annunciation. Thank you very much.

Something useful

We just wanted to say that Mike Cacioppo should get a life, and if he feels he needs to have some big cause in his life, he should head to Afghanistan and help the world hunt down Osama Bin Laden.

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