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Tough dayMy name’s Dave Goodsell. I would like to let the person know that took my waders and my cowboy boots and my tackle box out of the back of my truck that I will buy them back, or if anybody knows who took them, I will give a reward. I have a hard time finding shoes that big to fit me. Thank you. My phone number is 688-0025.Can’t show thatI’m calling about the Fourth of July picture that you ran on July 5. Once in a blue moon a proud parent has the opportunity to clip a picture of their darling child out of the newspaper and proudly send pictures to the grandparents and friends. What an embarrassment to the proud parents of this child who was caught with her finger up her nose. All little kids do it, and parents try to discreetly pull their little fingers out of there. It’s not an uncommon sight, but it was truly in poor taste and unkind of both the photographer and the editor to allow this picture to be run. Do you think that proud parent is going to make a special page in this child’s scrapbook with this clipping from their local newspaper that all their friends have seen? Come on folks. Think a little bit. You owe that kid, and her parents, an apology.Won’t workIn response to Jill Kovacevich’s letter to the editor on July 5, renewing, requiring that people take continuing education for dogs and owners as a requirement for licensing, even for the annual renewal of your dog’s license, I think she’s living in a fantasy land. We don’t do that for parents and their children. We certainly aren’t going to do that for dogs. I wish we could do it for parents and children, but we don’t, so that’s a sad state, but I certainly don’t think we’re going to do it for dogs and their owners.Revive and releaseThis message is for all the fishermen here in the valley. My name is Michael Matuney. Just floated the river yesterday and saw a lot of dead fish, and my only conclusion is these fish are being caught and they’re not being revived. It is very important to revive the fish before you release it. Thanks a lot, and let’s take care of our precious resource.Men vulnerable, tooIn your article about thyroid cancer you should also put in that men can get it, too, and there are two types. They don’t know how lucky they have it up here nowadays with this cancer treatment center. Back in the ’90s you had to drive down to Denver. I had to drive down to Denver once a day and come back home. Try that after two surgeries on your throat. It’s beatable, but there are two different kinds, a good kind and a bad kind of thyroid cancer, and men can get it too, just like breast cancer.Unhappy at VIP areaDamper on the Avon Fourth of July celebration. Town of Avon officials took away approximately 50 yards of prime viewing area on the east side of the lake for dignitaries and fireworks personnel. This area would easily accommodate 100-200 people, but the dignitaries barely used the space, with only about 20-30 people. A pox on the Avon officials for this rude move to the rest of the community.

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