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Yup, proof positiveAmazing that the gas station across from the high school in Gypsum is $3.14, and the same gas station, Phillips 66, by the highway is $3.09. Pretty much the same in Eagle, too. It’s just all over the place. $3.07 at the Conoco by the Justice Center and whatever it is by the highway. You can’t tell me there’s not price gouging and fixing going on here. Maybe we just need to start drilling our own oil wells and manufacture our own gas and keep it off the market. Still arguingFor historical accuracy, the U.S. involvement in Vietnam, the Vietnam war began in 1960, started by John F. Kennedy, that liberal icon. When he turned a couple of hundred armed U.S. observers into something like 6,000 armed fighting advisors within the first thousand days of his presidency before he got shot, unfortunately. That’s the way it is, from someone who was there and experienced it in real life. …Bigger the betterI’m calling about the alpine slide in Beaver Creek. I think it’s a great idea. I think they should run it all the way down Strawberry Park and create the largest alpine slide in the country, or the world. We should go international. Who cares what the homeowners think? … They don’t want the kind of resort where people might have fun and enjoy themselves. … Vail, Colorado

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