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Go with flowThis is in regards to the Highway 6, people driving below the speed limit. That’s impeding the flow of traffic, that’s what that is, and what you’re going to do is you’re going to get rear-ended by people who are going the speed limit, or close to the speed limit. We’re not speed demons. We just like to go with the flow of traffic, which is generally the rule of thumb throughout the entire United States. …Wage deflationAs a fourth-generation Coloradoan, I just want to let off a little steam. I’m not real happy with the illegal immigration situation. I’ve seen the wages drop significantly in the construction trade. I’ve been here since 1980 and I’m making wages that I was making back in 1983 today, and I know what that reason is because of illegals being in our state. … I don’t blame it all on them. I also blame it on the employers who are taking advantage of them, paying them low wages and knowing they can pay us as well low wages, and knowing how tough it is to make a living in Eagle County. You need to make at the minimum $20 to make a go of anything here. I’m not real happy with Eagle County. A lot of things are beginning to frustrate me after 26 years. For what it costs to live here, there’s very little to show for it.Vail, Colorado

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