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Ode to the roadFrom Gypsum to Avon, to and fro, daily I commute to pay big bro. While important it’s not, these daily miles, trying to figure out how far is not erstwhile. You see from mile marker 140 to 166, it’s not as simple as you think it is. When traveling this road five days a week, there’s an extra mile to which I speak. Whatever the reasons in all four seasons, from mile marker 140 to 166, it does not add up to 26.Not quiteThis is to the person complaining the amphitheater staff took away their blankets. Next time you’re down at Ford Park, take a closer look at the gate sign and I’m sure that you’ll notice that there’s no mention of blankets anywhere. You can bring as many blankets at you want into the amphitheater. The lawn chair regulation is so you don’t fall flat on your face on a 30 degree pitch. On-the-ground chairs are always welcome. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your summer, and quit fabricating things to complain about.Vail, colorado

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