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Bus rageWhat’s going on with the Vail Village bus drivers? I have been here for 14 years and witnessed two incidents recently that were alarming. The driver caught a child’s leg in the door, and when the parents got upset, the driver exited the vehicle and started yelling at them. Secondly, at around 4:30 on a Saturday, a driver who gave his name as George refused to stop at the medical center, indicating that we needed to pull the cord. We were standing up holding two infants, and he started yelling at us when we said all these years the bus has always made a stop there. The Led Zeppelin music is bad enough, but such insolence is hardly the image we want to leave our visitors with. I hope that the town of Vail will take these incidences under consideration and reprimand those who are responsible for them.Supposed to be freeAfter attending the Hot Summer Nights concert in Vail last night, I have to say I was disturbed that the town of Vail is charging $5 for parking for a free concert. What’s up with that? Why can’t you let the locals enjoy something free for a change, without having to make a profit off of them? It’s ridiculous. … Give us a break, town of Vail. Quit being so greedy.Vail, Colo

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