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Fix that drivewayI’m a resident of Avon and I just would like to find out how long it’s going to take for the Avon post office to repair their driveway. It’s one of the busiest parking lots in the valley, and it’s been about six months with a giant pothole in the middle. Again, we would just like to know when this will be resolved.Ancient history I think the Vietnam era is old hat, about 46 years old. Some say it was John F. Kennedy, some say it was President Eisenhower, and people go back as far as our great leader, give ’em hell Harry Truman – whoever started the Vietnam war, that is. But I suppose some would know better, sitting right there underneath the president’s feet at all times. Today’s issues are a little bit more priority. Hopefully we’ll take care of them together. God bless America, and thank you.Crude way to put itNo, Commissioner Arn Menconi, we do not support raising taxes to support day care. If you breed ’em, you feed ’em. Don’t ask society to take care of your rugrats. If the state really wants to do something, pass a law regarding mandatory health insurance for all children, just like they have on cars. Great jobKudos to Brian Hall and the Beaver Creek Children’s Theater company for a fantastic four-day children’s theater workshop. My son had an absolute ball. What a well run program, and it’s just a class act. Thank you.Human errorThe headline reads, “Another dangerous bear killed.” Euthanized by the Division of Wildlife in East Vail for attacking or getting into three homes in search of food. I’m waiting for the headline to read, “Another Vail local resident charged with a misdemeanor or felony,” by the town of Vail Police Department or Division of Wildlife for being stupid for leaving their trash out, for putting their trash out too soon, for not being smart. If you leave trash out, the bears get killed. It’s your fault. Vail, Colorado

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