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Take the bus, thenDo the rest of we normal drivers a favor. If you really and truly want to drive 35 in a 55 mph zone, please go park your car and take the bus or walk, and stay off the road.Punish peopleHow disgusting. We’ve killed yet another bear. Why don’t we punish those that make it possible for the bears to enter their houses?More divisionJust a message stating I really am saddened about the new Stone Creek Charter School coming into light. Unfortunately, I think that this is just going to further divide the children and the families who want the same thing for their children, which is a good education. So now that we have yet another option for families to go to Stone Creek, we pull more students and more families and more teachers apart instead of uniting and staying with the public schools, which already are well-funded and well-supported with great parents and teachers and advanced educators. Whoever started the Stone Creek petition in the school, congratulations on dividing Eagle County just a little bit further amongst caring parents and their children who all want the same thing. Perhaps we can all meet again in high school when everything is back to one school.One solutionYou are looking for a constructive solution for the Mideast problem? It would appear that a constructive solution has been initiated by Israel.Oh, my flowers I wonder if it’s going to be OK if we start destroying the elk that are coming into my garden, because it’s a threat to my flowers.A job for …This is a tip for the Vail Police Department. … I think it might be a good idea to put Officer Dummy in front of WestStar Bank. Maybe there’ll be fewer robberies in the future.Why not mergeI just wanted to state I’m wondering why the new Stone Creek Charter School and also the current charter school doesn’t just consider merging with the public schools that are already available for them. I know it would be harder on the teachers because teachers in the rest of the schools have larger class sizes just because we don’t have the luxury of keeping our size to 16. We all want the same thing for our kids as far as a good education, so since the public schools seem to offer that and they want to be considered part of the public schools, let’s have them think about the options we have already in place and would love to get them involved and encourage that those options already exist instead of starting over with brand new ones.Nice deckI just drove down Gore Creek Drive in Matterhorn and there’s a new deck that just went up that looks great. I just want to say thanks to whoever built that, it looks good.Vail, Colorado

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