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Time to conserveWith gas prices well above $3 and still climbing, there are several things our local population and national population can do to keep this under control, keep our costs under control. One is to keep your speed down. Anything over 60 is going to increase your gas usage considerably, so if you stayed under 70, or even under 60, you’re going to save a lot of gas. The other thing is of course, drive less. No unnecessary trips. If everybody in the country does this, the demand will go down and believe me, the prices will go down. We need to do this as a country, as a town, as a state. Hopefully people will get the word sooner than later.Ease upHere’s a tip to all the complainers of those people that drive under the speed limit. Says a lot more about your lack of patience. You can’t control what they do, only your reaction to it. Thanks to themThis comment is in regard to the old guard of Vail. I think some people think that their views are old school or archaic, but if they didn’t have that view, we wouldn’t have a Vail to come to. This has been said before, but it is so epic. People can’t forget the fact that the reason we have this lovely place is because of the old guard and their vision. The new guard and the new vision is fine, as well. There’s no reason to disrespect the old guard. Need some warningI was traveling east this morning at about 7:15 and I almost slammed right directly into all the equipment going down the road east. There was one guy in the total right lane, and he had a sign on, and then about a block later there was another guy parked in the right lane. I was doing 75 mph, nobody said anything about slowing down. Nobody. This is ridiculous. If you’re going to give us a sign, tell us when to slow down, I will do it, no problem. Just give us a sign.Cars vote?My call on election day about out-of-state cars was not about people in the roundabout, it was about registered voters coming to vote at the town hall in cars with out-of-state plates. I believe when you’ve been here long enough to vote, you are required by law to have Colorado plates. There was a very large number of out-of-state plates arriving to vote. Questions should be asked.Vail, Colorado

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