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Bush baloneyI’m responding to Richard Carnes’ commentary, the difference between magic and science. It should actually be titled the difference between fact and fiction. The Bush administration has allocated more federal funding to stem cell research in the last six years than all other U.S. Presidents combined throughout history. Period. Those are the facts. What Carnes says in his column is pure fiction. Misleading, disingenuous baloney. Untrue. By the way, the difference between magic and science … we theoretically understand science, but we don’t know how the magic works. Bye.Flavor starvedHey locals. Let’s get some volunteers to run the fair next year. Let’s get the real flavor back in Eagle County, take over your community and start volunteering some time. We don’t expect to be paid for it. We might even have a real fair with real music and that people can afford to take their families to. We’ve lost the flavor somehow with all the real estate running our county. Wake up.Poopy ponderingHere’s a question: As a dog owner I’m required to pick up all my dog waste in town parks. Has anybody thought to give the lady in East Vail a bag for her poop?Nice storyI wanted to thank Kathy Filgo for the nice article she wrote in the Sunday Homes and Properties magazine in the Vail Daily, page 6. It’s just really a nice article about West Vail and it says it all. I’m not prejudiced at all. I have lived in West Vail for quite a few years and there’s no place else in this valley I would want to live. Anyway, Kathy, thank you and the parks are wonderful, thank you Town of Vail. Just keep up the good work and y’all just don’t know what you’re missing. Talk to you later. Up with bowlingFinally! A bowling alley in Vail, Colorado. What took you so long! Would anyone there like to trade my condo for yours so I could come to Vail? We have plenty of bowling alleys here. I live in Detroit.Charter chatIn response to “No Charter School on ballot survey…” that was recently in Tipsline, I would say: “You are correct: the Charter Academy is a public school funded by state and federal taxpayer dollars. Therefore, its students are ECSD students. However, when it1. Operates on the same school schedule for the year as the other public schools;2. Pays its teachers from the same pay schedule as the other public schools;3. Enrolls a significant percentage of the Hispanic population as the other public schools;4. Requires its teachers to participate in the Tap Program as the other public schools;5. Joins in Wild West Day with the other public schools …I will start thinking of it as a public school rather than the elite, private school that in reality it is.-A strong supporter of public educationBus bizThis is in reference to the Tipsline “bus rage”. Firstly, I want to respond for the Town of Vail bus driver. Your facts are incorrect, and before you pass judgment, make sure of your facts. First, we do not have a driver named George, and all in-town stops are mandatory, so requesting a stop and your statement are bogus. Second of all, the child getting her foot stuck in the door. Yes, I am the driver that was involved with that incident. I will provide you with the details, and the insult made to me by the grandmother. But let me explain to this Tipsline person what a typical in-town shift involves, and if you really are interested, you can spend a day with us and find out the type of abuse, the variety of questions and insults that we tend to take because of changes or decisions made by the town or by management. All we do is our job, and we do an excellent job. A typical shift in town consists of externally trying to avoid the pedestrians that walk in front of the bus, the countless weaving of cyclists thinking they are participating in the Tour du Vail. The irresponsible dog owners who allow their pets to wander in front of the bus, motor vehicles driving past us on double yellow lines, and you’re beginning to get the picture. This is only the external problems we have to deal with. Then we have to deal with the internal problems, that of the passengers. The passengers that feel they can swing from the rafters and have no respect for the town of Vail vehicles. The passengers that feel they have the right to bring pets on the bus, and abuse us when we turn around and explain to them that it is not allowed. Passengers who want us to stop where there are not bus stops. The constant questions which we all answer, dumb questions, small questions, a variety of questions, but we do everything we can to address the needs of our guests. A typical example yesterday, a lady came and asked me is this bus going to Gold Peak. I said yes. We stopped at Gold Peak, and as you know with the construction going on in Vail, we now stop below the Larkspur lift, which is Gold Peak. I took five minutes of abuse from this lady because I wasn’t stopping at the Gold Peak bus stop. I eventually had to explain to her that this is Gold Peak and that is the Gold Peak Lodge. This is what we deal with on a daily basis. Now, let’s get back to the second incident. Yes, the child’s foot got stuck in the door and I did everything possibly and reacted immediately to resolve the problem. I had arrived in Lionshead with a full bus, and the young girl was sitting on the suitcase platform with her legs facing the front of the bus. When I stopped at the bus stop with a fully loaded bus, I opened the door and her leg got caught by the doors. I immediately addressed the situation and closed the doors. The mom said thanks and that appeared to be the end, however the grandmother walked by the front door and started calling me a number of names which are not for print. Regarding the incident, I had done nothing wrong to warrant such a verbal attack, and I am human. I reacted, I jumped out of my seat and told her that had no right to attack me and I had done nothing wrong, and I would like an apology. Her daughter, the mother of the child, yelled at her mother that the driver did nothing wrong and you had no right to abuse him. But that tipster is the statement of what happened there. So please, before you run around and start abusing us bus drivers, I would suggest you get your facts straight. Finally, just for the record, you are still invited anytime to join us for a ride and find out what it’s like to be a town of Vail bus driver. You will enjoy the pleasure and understand that we are the best, bar none.Big brotherHey Richard. Why does a taxpayer have to fund stem cell research? Everyone knows that when the government gets involved, it costs ten times more. Once that purse is open, why would anyone want to do anything to close it? If we were lucky enough to find an honest researcher who will find a way to make all this stem cell stuff work, will the taxpayers who funded all this get it for free? Or will we have to pay for it again? Where’s the private sector? The same people who will profit from it?Bear hunt?There’s no sense in bringing back a bear hunt, because then nobody would make any money. None of your town government could get in your pocket. So, no sense in that.Vail, Colorado

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