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Lost generationI would like to make a comment about the lost generation of Gypsum. There are some really great young kids down here, and unfortunately there are some teenagers and older kids that aren’t so great. I’m getting really tired of cleaning up broken glass, cigarette butts, small rocks that are deliberately thrown out so they stop people’s wheels and they fall on their face. Some young people need some guidance, some mentors, not a bunch of losers. It would be nice if you had someone patrolling down here.Good ordinanceI would like to applaud the Vail Town Council on their new bear ordinance. I think all of Eagle County needs to follow suit and come up with a similar ordinance and then I think it would give law enforcement something to do in this valley since they are obviously over-staffed, bored and do nothing more than hassle motorists all day and night. I think it’s up to the residents of Eagle County to call law enforcement and make check residents who have left their cans out and are enticing the bears. I too would like to see the senseless killing of bear end. It is a human problem, not a bear problem. So let’s all step up and make this bear ordinance a law, and then let’s have law enforcement enforce it.Editor’s note: The town of Avon has had its stricter bear ordinance for over a year.Vail, Colorado

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