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Speedy thoughtsI’d like to mention a thing I read in Tipsline about driving 35 mph. I think that would be kind of cool. The only reason I’d want people to drive 35 mph is so I could draft off their bumpers on my road bicycle. I usually do about 35-40, and I’m sure they would be driving a little faster than 35, so maybe I could go a little bit quicker on my bicycle if that 35 zone went through. On my truck, on the other hand, that’s kind of pushing it. I’d rather drive 55. But there is one person out there that would like to see the speed limit 35 once in a while, just so he could catch a draft off a bumper of a car.Minding the mindersI would like to comment on a Tipsline a few weeks ago about the Avon Police Department parking in the handicapped spot in Avon at Subway. Well, he learned his lesson not to park in a handicapped zone, but what about the fire zone no-parking sign where he parked just now? I’d appreciate if he would follow the law and maybe write himself a ticket. Yeah. That’d be great to see a police officer write himself a ticket. I’d love to see it. Never happen, but you know.Just wondering …Just out of curiosity, with that new law that they passed to try and protect bears, part of it says ‘or otherwise tempt animals with food’. Does that mean those of us who hang out hummingbird feeders can face a $999 fine because we’re tempting animals with food? Let’s hope they didn’t rest the judgment and leave a nasty thing that can be prosecuted.Vail, Colorado

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