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Doomed, I tell youShould we really approve a 1,700 unit development, private ski resort, and golf course south of Minturn when America is at war, Lebanon and Israel are at war, missiles bring North Korea and Iran together, reviving President Bush’s “axis of evil” and that there is a potential for a third World War at hand? Above that, what about the environmental crisis we face today with global warming and tainted drinking water? It seems irresponsible to proceed with unneeded development when the county does not support a climate protection agreement or recycle. Wake up, people, time is at hand! Think globally, act locally. There are more important things than money!Charter plusesCharter schools are privately managed, but publicly funded public schools that have more flexibility in developing curriculum and establishing other policies than traditional schools. In a recent article in The New York Post, it was stated that 11 of 16 New York City charter schools outscored kids in nearby public schools. For example, Holland Day Charter School, 100 percent of fourth-graders passed the English section of their state exam and 94 percent passed the math. At another charter school in the South Bronx, 100 percent passed the fourth grade math exam, while 86 percent passed the English exam. Remember, these are inner city schools with high minority, second language and poverty issues. The mayor of New York City, Mr. Bloomberg, and school Chancellor Joel Klein are big supporters of charter schools because these schools produce real results for public school children. These two men are asking the Legislature to lift a cap on opening new charter schools within the city because they believe the children deserve and need the option of an outstanding education. In NYC they found the parents and children of charter schools are more motivated. Students are chosen by lottery, and demand for class seats greatly exceeds supply. I’m not sure why your Tipsliners of July 19 are opposed to parental choice and the Eagle County School District’s two charter schools. Competition will only improve all of our children’s educations.Move over!Here’s a tip to the two bikers that were on Highway 6 between Wolcott and Eagle at 11:30 on Thursday. Use the side of the road. The road is for motorized vehicles. You just about got yourself killed by riding on the yellow frickin’ ride. Nice work.Unfairly malignedWould the people in the assessor’s office, Joyce Mack is one of the most honest, sweet people we could possibly have as an employee for representing Eagle County government. The vicious letters have only made the people that are writing them the simplest form of life. Please, please, look up a little bit. Get out of the gutter and respect the woman that you’re working for. I really feel that if you gave it half a chance you would find that she is a very wonderful assessor, friend and you would have a wonderful employer.Vail, Colorado

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