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Bad name, bad placeI just want to know what the deal was with the proposed Vail Valley Resort near Dotsero. It’s almost the farthest thing from Vail. I think they could probably pick a better name. You come out of Glenwood Canyon, view our nice open space from the Bair Ranch deal, then it’s the Two Rivers Park development, then you got some miscellaneous homes in between, then you go to the trailer park, there’s a few homes in between that, and then we have the Riverdance RV park. Then we have two rest areas in between that, and then we get to Gypsum. Do we really want to have this be the gateway to our county? The Riverdance RV park and this one will be about two miles apart. It doesn’t even make sense to have two of them, especially because the Riverdance has never had to turn people away because they were full. I think we need to think about the traffic that would be on Highway 6 if we have 250 motor homes every day, then I feel sorry for the wildlife in the area. Two Rivers came in with their park and moved a herd of elk that were there and guess where they went? Yeah, you guessed it. It was on the proposed site of the Vail Valley Resort. I have seen them there many times during the winter months. I think it’s a bad idea, and I suggest that anyone who can make the meeting on the 15th of August should be there to fight this. It’s uncalled for.What’s with that?My name’s Dennis, I’m from Edwards, and I’m at the Edwards rest area watching the Waste Management truck dump the cardboard Dumpsters into a regular holding tank that appears to be going to the dump. It’s not like cardboard-only or anything. If I’m seeing something and don’t realize it, if this is a special truck for cardboard, then somebody from Waste Management please call. Otherwise, if you’re throwing this stuff away, why should we bother?How to conserveTo all those people out there worried about high gas prices. Some simple tips for you. Make sure that all your tires have correct air pressure. If you have roof racks on your truck and you’re not using it, remove it. Drive with your windows up, and if you don’t need your air conditioning don’t use it. Simple tips like this could save you upwards of 20 percent on your gas. Slowing down is another one. Driving under 65 you can also save on gas.Doggone it, AvonI’d like to see more signs around Nottingham Lake regarding the leash law and picking up your dog residue. It seems on a daily basis there are dogs running around. Last week, when they had a bike race, a woman and her dog stepped out on the bike path while the bikes were coming around, and the bikes had to slow down and almost come to a stop because she didn’t even have her dog on a leash. There’s only one or two signs around the lake, and there are so many visitors to Avon here that more signs need to be posted. Perhaps a sponsorship by some people who are interested, such as myself, posting a sign. My name is Jeff Harmon and I’m from Sarasota, Fla., and reside here in Avon approximately two months of the year.Vail, Colorado

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