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If memory serves …Last year in response to a letter to the Vail Daily, the town of Vail agreed that they would provide 14 additional handicapped-parking spaces for Bravo concerts. As of this year, there has been absolutely no provision made for handicapped parking at Ford park beyond the five or six spaces inside the gate, and the man in charge, the parking czar, has absolutely no sympathy for anybody who has to have handicapped access and is forever trying to preserve all of those spaces within the parking area that he has marked off with orange cones. I wonder if maybe the town by next year would make better provisions for handicapped parking.Doesn’t take muchTo all the feminists out there. You want people to hold the door for you. I was coming out of the Eagle post office, held a door for a lady who got her mail. I let her go before me, she got her mail, she opened the door and I thought she was going to hold it open. She just let it shut. So you know what? If all women want to be treated that way, I’m going to start slamming the door in their face. I wasn’t raised that way. No more doors for me. I’m just going to start worrying about myself.Got mineWhy should we as taxpayers have to pay for early-child learning? That’s the politicians’ problem, not the people who have no kids in school. My kids were grown and gone years ago, and my property taxes are going to pay for illegal citizens to put their kids in school. No. Find money somewhere else, because I’m tired of paying for more schools where they don’t teach English first, and I resent any tax increase on my property to pay for higher education, or better yet, any schools. …Abandoned in forestMy recent trip last weekend out on the Colorado River Road and out through the Flattops, I found two abandoned cars on my travels without looking very hard. There’s one with no interior, obviously abandoned there, and there’s another abandoned car at the top of 131 right before it opens up into Toponas.Enforcement the keyI’d like to say kudos to the town of Vail on their new bear ordinance. Hopefully they will enforce it. The town of Avon has had the same type of ordinance for over a year, but they don’t seem to be able to enforce it as they should. Every once in a while, they do, but most of the time they don’t. You see trash cans out all the time, all week long, and nothing happens. They sit out all week. So, hopefully Vail will do what needs to be done.Stupid people!FOX News just put out a poll. Do Americans understand war on terror? Ninety percent: no. How stupid are the American people who just think this is going to blow over, that Hamas is going to leave us alone and everything is going to be just fine? … You’d better start arming your kids, people, because these kids are learning to shoot AKs and make bombs, and we’re teaching our kids to play with Playdoh. I feel sorry for this country, and I bet every American who fought in World War II feels sorry for this country, too.Vail, Colorado

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