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Cost of lifeI just read your article about the proposed tax for child care in the valley, and I guess I have two questions. Why are they getting a subsidy from the county when the taxpayers and nobody else gets an increase in pay. And two, there is nothing mentioned about making it affordable for anybody that works in this county. That’s part of the problem. Day care is not affordable. Otherwise, I’m not voting for it.Open marketAll oil and gas production in the U.S. – which includes Alaska, all the offshore drilling, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific, wherever – it goes on the open market. Pretty much everything produced in Alaska goes to Japan, and I have asked Sen. Salazar why this is, and nobody gives me an answer. … Just because you’re buying Conoco gas, you might be buying Iranian oil or Venezuelan oil, oil that feeds terrorists.Not really publicI think charter school test scores should be kept separate from the Eagle County School District scores because they have the luxury of limiting their class sizes to 16 kids. So of course the student-teacher ratio is way better than the public school system and they have the luxury of being able to do that even though they consider it a public school. … Perhaps they should not consider themselves part of the public school system.Vail, Colorado

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