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Lives in dangerHere’s my take on … Luke Skywalker and his band of rich wannabe rally car racers: Thanks for putting everyone’s lives in danger by driving over 100 mph down I-70 and bragging about how many speeding tickets you got. Obviously another sign of quality decision-making by the privileged. Real impressive. Moose. Out.Quite a mazeI just got onto the Avon exit to go to Edwards and it was closed for paving. In Avon, there were no warning signs to say take Highway 6 to Edwards, and then we had to go to Wolcott, turn around and come back up 6, and there were no detour signs there either, and there also were no signs even at the Edwards exit saying closed, go to Wolcott exit. Nothing. For people who don’t live here, can you imagine? They’d probably end up driving all the way to Eagle to realize how to get back the heck to Edwards, especially emergency vehicles. I’ve never seen anything like this before, you never close an exit off the highway, usually you pave half of it and have the traffic drive on the edge on the right side of it and then you pave the other side, or put signs in Avon or before the Avon exit saying people going to Edwards exit here Highway 6 detour to Edwards. This is ridiculous. Nice dogs onlyThis is a tip for local and visiting dog owners. If your dog is aggressive, it does not belong at the dog park in West Vail. That park is for friendly, well-socialized dogs only, specifically to the couple who owns the yellow, large mixed-breed dog that repeatedly attacked my 13-year-old arthritic Labrador today. If I see that dog out there again, I’ll immediately call animal control.Of all stripesA big thank you to the three Mexican men who picked up my wallet that they found on the side of the road in Gypsum that had fallen off my car and took the time to call me even though they spoke limited English and returned all my credit cards, all my identification and all my checks and checkbook intact the same day. It’s just great to know there are so many honest people of all races and nationalities in the valley, which I knew already, but it’s just a great affirmation. Body copy.Great eventHey Vail Daily. Where’s the coverage on the Gypsum Daze? We had a great event and I didn’t see one picture or one article about it. You really missed a good one, and you really oughta pay attention to down valley events, because they’re fun and it seems like everything that happens west of Eagle is just unnoticed by you, like it’s not even part of the county. Editor’s note: Downvalley news is covered first and mainly by the Eagle Valley Enterprise. They do a pretty good job, too.Vail, Colorado

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