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Fear of fireI’d like to make the Vail Valley fully aware of forest fires. Two days ago I had some activities going on at Eagle Ranch, and started to have a torrential downpour of rain with lightning bolts striking lots of trees and bushes on the surrounding hilltop within a short distance from me. The lightning sure was great and spectacular, but it also had a sign. The sign said, “Tell the golfers to stop sticking the clubs in the sky for God to cry down upon them.” It also spoke down to me that there are only two entrances in and out of Eagle Ranch. What would we do if there was a forest fire? Well, we would drive one of those two entrances out to Highway 6 and I-70 and try to flee the county. That’s the same with Cordillera, Arrowhead, Bachelor Gulch, Beaver Creek, and the whole entire rest of the valley, would all lead to Highway 6 and I-70. I ask that every single Eagle County resident would please keep at least one-half tank of gas in their cars at all times to avoid delay at the gas pumps. Thank you for your support.Editor’s note: There’s probably no safer spot from a wildfire than Eagle Ranch. Same with Arrowhead and the golf course areas of Cordillera. No need to panic.Bear scareI’d just like to thank the person that dragged me over the bench at Avon Center Friday night around 10:30 at night. I thought I’d been mugged, but after looking up, there was a bear about 20 feet away from me. Anyway, I was wondering if you’d print that for me. I really would appreciate it. I just was reading your column on the bears in Avon, well they’re still there. Anyway, I just wanted to thank that person who helped me out. The bear was coming directly at us both. Thank you very much.Front bowlsThis tip’s for Vail Resorts. They should step up their cutting down of the trees all the pine beetles killed on Vail Mountain. Let’s have some sweet front-side glades by the wintertime here. I think it would be a whole new mountain if they cut all the trees down.Which is it?In regards to the Lionshead parking structure proposed redevelopment, will the real Kaye Ferry please stand up? First, she berates us endlessly that we were stalling too long on a private project with arguable public value. Now, in her infinite wisdom, she is preaching that we are rushing into a public project that will need to be done before the town has to spend a ton of its own money. …Gas price disparityI’m just wondering why gas in Eagle County is as much as 40 cents more a gallon as it is in Summit County. Summit County has gas, the lowest price I found is $2.89 a gallon. The lowest you’ll find it here in Eagle County is $3.15, and with oil prices coming down, those gas prices should be coming down. …Vail, Colorado

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