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I want to know why gas is more expensive in Gypsum, which is right on the interstate, traveled regularly by trucks hauling gas, then it is in Colburn, Colorado, which is 30-35 miles off the interstate up a windy, two-lane mountain road. I don’t understand it. You can buy gas in Colburn 20 cents a gallon cheaper. Are we getting ripped off? Tell me who the thieves are here.

Hate that Harley

Whoever owns a Harley and pulls out of the road by the Shop “n’ Hop at 7 a.m. every morning, I hope you get run over by a cement truck. Anybody who buys a Harley and drives it around so early in the morning has got to be an …

Thanks for column

Thank you for running Kathleen Parker’s column. It was courteous and civil. Maybe this was the reason for the Protestant reformation in a statement in a speech in Chicago in 1964 by Hans Crom, a German Roman Catholic theologian, who said that papal infallibility was dishonest, a reconvention that had no authority.

You got it

Congratulations, OK, Nimby neighbors. You hit it right on the line and the Tipsline was actually clear, concise and courteous. About raises on the way, that was good, congratulations. But the last line, Wal-Mart and Home Depot going to bring in employees from other states and other countries. Well, when we didn’t defend the borders and we asked what we got, and we’re still getting that. You can still get through our immigration and naturalization policy and our borders because we have no policy. We let it slide since the “80s. No money went into it then, no money is going into it now, no money that’s serious. We have almost lost the fight. We really better wake up. And you can really quote me. Nancy Mines, Edwards, Colorado.

Someone else’s fault

I’m reading the article “Crime task force is short on funding.” They’re talking about drugs in our middle school and drugs all over Eagle County. … The cocaine is not coming from the United States. It’s coming from a different country. I think the money is better used beefing up the IRS and dealing with people who don’t belong in this country and who are responsible for bringing it into this country. … But also look to your neighbor, your neighbor is hiring these people. Please support our children, please give our children jobs, please take the jobs away from undocumented workers.

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