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Here’s the poopUpon another early morning excursion through Beaver Creek after one of their many special events, almost all the cardboard trash cans were knocked over, apparently ravished by wild animals. A ceremonial pile of bear poop was left by the ice skating rink and another under a tent at the top of a landing used by entertainment troubadours hired by the resort. This is not an isolated happening, as witnessed by many others. Why does Beaver Creek Resort regard itself immune from all the public policy of doing everything possible to discourage bears, foxes, coyotes and other indigenous animals from becoming reliant on human refuse? Does anyone have the interest and/or power to hold these profiteers accountable?Those bikes!Sleeping in, I was awakened by the noise of loud, obnoxious motorcycles. Deciding to take a hike, three miles up a canyon from the freeway, I got to listen to the din of loud motorcycles. Later in the day, sitting on my back porch, the motorcycle noise did not go away. Finally, at a gas station late this afternoon, one of them pulled up, the driver got off, pulled the earplugs out of his ears, and I asked him about the reason for the noisy pipes. Whit a sneer he commented, loud pipes save lives, and it’s about personal freedom. Why does personal freedom make living with this noise, an irritant? … Vail, Colorado

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