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Fill it in!Avon Post Office, this isn’t funny anymore. I just hit that mega pothole since somebody moved the cones. This is not funny. It’s been a month. Where are our public dollars going? Please. Fill in the pothole, like every other private company organization would do in order to prevent injury. What a jobI’m calling to thank the people of the Vail Valley for keeping me busy on Monday mornings. If it wasn’t for your cigarette butts, your water bottles, and your banana peels everywhere in all the parking lots and all the parks in the Vail Valley, I wouldn’t have a job on Monday mornings. I’m just calling to thank everybody.Up to no goodAfter reading all the reports and opinions of the people who want to be elected to county commissioner, the Republican candidates have the same screwed up agenda that our president has. Maybe they should look at their answers and realize that they’re not doing anything good for the county … . The Democrats and the independents are the only ones who have any kind of clue where to even start to be good for this county. With all the money in this county, raising taxes is the only answer to helping people out, other than the rich people. Use your heads, folks. Vote Democratic.

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