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Stand up!Why entitle a Tipsline “Doomed, I tell you” when they are expressing the truth? Don’t you read your own newspaper with no skiing in our future due to global warming? I ask young people who tend to do nothing why they don’t do something. Most say because we can’t. Hah. Yet they call people like the Rainbow people lazy, dirty hippies and clump previous hippies in the day the same. At least some of them, I know them, and they’re in their 20s are doing something like crossing the country in an alternative fuel cooking oil bus already prior to the preppies who are thankfully also trying to get the word out. Those people who you call lazy hippies, doomsdayers, etc. are also sitting up in 300-year-old redwoods trying to protect our environment, and I back in the day have done something for women’s equal rights. We seem to be letting go by the wayside. Protested the war. How long ago did Bush say we’ve won the war? Gas prices? How far are they going to go before politicians quit filling their pockets. We burned the bra, we had sit-ins, we made our voices heard. United we stood. So please stop labeling people who are trying to do something for all of us and our planet. You add to the problems this way. And get off your couches watching TV and playing video games and unite. Be heard. Do something. The rest of the world will notice that we care and not just consume.Vail, Colorado

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